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On Track – A Book Review

April 16, 2015 5 Comments

On TrackI am a very heavy blog reader (all bloggers should be). I have over one hundred blogs in my feedly reader. Of course most only get a quick scan; however, there are a few bloggers that I try not to miss. Jon Stolpe is one of those bloggers. A while back I was one of his top commenters for the month. As a thank you, Jon sent me a copy of his book, On Track: Life Lessons from the Track & Field.

 I am not a runner so I was not sure if I would really enjoy the book. It turns out the author has put together a great book that applies to anyone, the runner and non-runner alike. In a quick read, Jon found a way to combine his own experience as an avid runner, husband and parent to produce fresh lessons for life.

(All quotes are by Jon Stolpe)

 “When we face challenges in life, we must take time to slow down, to catch our breath and be still.”

“… the real work comes during training.”

 Each chapter has a track & field theme. He covers the starting blocks, training, and the finish line. He also covers events such as hurdles and the long jump. Each chapter begins with a great quote from someone of note. Jon includes stories from his own running experience and the experience of watching his kids participate in track and field. Without being overbearing Jon also works in his faith as a Christian throughout the book. Few authors are able to write a single book that appeals to both the secular and faith based reader but Jon pulled it off.

 “I shifted my thoughts to finishing the race and running across the finish line. I wanted by kids to see the importance of determination when faced with adversity.”

 On Track covers the important areas of life such as continual growth and training, overcoming challenges and living a life of endurance, focus and follow through. It is a very simple book but real. You wont find any fluff. I was able to relate the book because Jon is just a regular guy (that is a compliment.) He works a day job and writes on the side. As I already mentioned his writing comes from the heart of his own life as a husband and father. I read a lot of leadership books; It was great to read something that was not just theory.

 “… it is important to have a balanced approach to life. When we focus on one thing and forget about the other areas of life, we tend to get off track.”

 On Track would be a good read for most anyone but I think think it would have a greater value for a young adult or young parent. It might make a great gift for an upcoming high school or college graduate.

NOTE: As I mentioned Jon sent me a free copy of his book but he did not ask me to write a review. This review is my honest opinion.

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