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The Prayers of Brother Andrew Part III

October 23, 2017 1 Comment

This week I finish up the series on the Prayers of Brother Andrew. If you have not already, you can read part 1 and part 2

Photo Courtesy Andrew Malone – Creative Commons

When people allow Jesus to completely change them, they become part of the biggest revolution on the face of the earth. – Brother Andrew

Prayer 7

Keyword: Profile

Action: Establish your profile as a Christian

Daily Prayer: Lord, help me to live in such a way that your presence in my life is seen by others. Make me to be a blessing to someone today.

God has called us to make difference, to be the salt of the earth…. Taking the initiative becomes a way of life. – Brother Andrew

I know it has been said thousands of time but being a Christian is more than just showing up at Church every now and then, reading our Bible and praying. It really is a life. We don’t have to come off, “religious” but it should be obvious we belong to Jesus Christ. I know none of us are perfect and we are prone to failure; however, our love for others should always shine through. This requires us to be proactive and intentional. I get that all of us may not be called to hard core evangelism but there are more ways to reach others for the sake of Jesus. Love and care should show in how we speak and how we act.

Focus on backing up words with the kind of life that others recognize as belonging to Jesus Christ – Brother Andrew

Prayer 8

Keyword: Permanence

Action: Become a part of permanent presence where you are

Daily Prayer: Lord, you have called me for a purpose. Wherever you lead me, help me to stay there and serve you faithfully

Sometimes there are things you must do when God tells you to and leave the consequences up to him. – Brother Andrew

In this prayer Andrew is encouraging us to put down deep roots. Short term missions are great but long term is better. The fact is you live in some community right now. Unless you have heard from God to move focus on being established where you live now. Get to know the neighbors. Get involved in a local church and be involved in all the community activities you can. The greatest way to share the gospel is through long term relationships. As we grow in our faith it is easy to enter a bubble where all our friends are other Christians. Be proactive and intentional to build relationships with those who have yet to come to faith in Jesus.

Prayer 9

Keyword: Proclamation

Action: Use your platform to proclaim God’s message

Daily Prayer: Lord, thank you that even though I’m in the midst of a spiritual battle, the victory is already yours. Help me to proclaim victory today.

We seek to proclaim Jesus’ lordship wherever human leaders or systems are worshiped – in other words, everywhere. – Brother Andrew

When we proclaim the lordship of Christ, the forces of evil around us leap into action, and the spiritual battle intensifies. Yet we need not be afraid. Why? Because we already know the outcome of the battle.  – Brother Andrew

You may never have the opportunity to speak with the leader of a nation but you can always pray for them. Focus on who you already know. Is it a local club or the people you work with? Perhaps it is the cashier you have gotten to know at your local store. – Your platform may seem small but it is powerful; God has placed you where he needs you to be. He needs you to be his voice where you are right now. Every day when we wake up we enter the mission field.

Take this message out of our bedrooms and living rooms and into our schools, workplaces and neighborhoods – Brother Andrew

Prayer 10

Keyword: Power

Action: Allow God’s power to flow through you into a needy world.

Daily Prayer: Lord, help me to surrender to your power and your greater purpose for my life.

Christ and the Bible call us to a radical commitment, but we don’t show it. – Brother Andrew

We try to make outreach ministry into some grand project. We try to create activities to reach thousands. Those things can be great but we can be more effective when focused on the small things that we can do each and every day to allow God to work through us. Yes God can and desires to work through you. You will be amazed when you allow him to do his thing through you. This daily sustained effort can reap huge lasting change in the lives of others.

Instead of always looking for the enemy or taking a side, we should go to all sides with the love of Jesus – Brother Andrew


I hope you have found this series helpful and most of all challenging. I am working to incorporate all ten into my regular prayer.

Which of the ten has been most impactful for you? Which ones do you need to reflect on? Are there any you don’t agree with?

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