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Prayers of Brother Andrew Part I

October 9, 2017 2 Comments

I have to admit that I have always struggled with having a consistent disciplined prayer life. Yes I am a Pastor but my life is as a disciple of Christ is a work in progress. I guess until Jesus returns I always will be.

Over the past several years I have found myself keying on a just a few things I pray for. (see my post on the payers of Paul, Grace and Peace, and Know God Better ) No there are no magic formulas for prayer but I think Paul set a pretty good example. 

Brother Andrew

Several weeks ago I started reading a book by Brother Andrew, The Calling: A Challenge to Walk the Narrow Road. This is a sequel of sorts to his book God’s Smuggler (Which I have not read). Back in 1955 Brother Andrew started smuggling Bibles into the Soviet Union and later started smuggling them into China and the Muslim world. At one point he coordinated the smuggling of a million Bibles into China in one trip. In part of his book The Calling, Brother Andrew goes through his daily ten point prayer plan that has guided most of his life. Over the next several posts I want to explore each point.

Remember I am not trying to present some magic formula but I think these points are great way to keep our priorities focused on the will and glory of God.

Each of the ten prayers have a keyword, an action and a short simple prayer.

Payer 1

Keyword: Prophetic

Action: Listen to God’s prophetic Word for today.

Daily Prayer: Lord, cause me to hear your prophetic Word for my life today. And lead me to the places and people who need to receive that Word – even at the risk of being thought a fool.

If we want to change the world for God, we must first start by listening to the word as Given in the Scriptures. – Brother Andrew

No the prophetic is not some new scripture but it is God’s word speaking to us directing our daily lives. It is allowing him to lead us to where he would like us to go and saying what he would have us to say. It will never ever contradict the Bible, the written word of God.

Brother Andrew says we are Prophetic when we meet three conditions:

  • “We know God and his character as taught in the Bible”
  • “We have a message that will affect people’s lives”
  • “We have somewhere to say it”

Where is God leading you today to speak his Word? Pray for that Wisdom

Prayer 2

Keyword: Planning

Action: Plan to do today what Scripture says.

Daily Prayer: Lord, help me to accept your prophetic Word today and plan my life based on it. Allow me to take the initiative in advancing your kingdom and keep that initiative even in enemy territory.

Every day we must let God’s word guide and direct us. It must be the very foundation for all we do. It is not about our success and accomplishments but it is about the very will of God.

God does not do random. The Bible is full of his very proactive and intentional plan for this world. So we too should make our own plans based on the prophetic word of God for our lives.

If we are passive rather than active, always waiting for doors to open rather than stepping out in faith, then we are not planning to reach the world for Christ.

We should be conscious every morning that we can and will bring Christ’s presence into the relationships of our daily lives. – Brother Andrew

Today will you hear the word of God for you lives and make the plans needed to live it out? A dying world depends on it.

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