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God’s Provision

September 5, 2023 0 Comments

Clarity often proves to be rather difficult in the moment, but things become clearer when we look to our past. It is in our past we see the provisions God put in place for our current moment.

In my previous blog post titled, “Transitions,” I shared how I was processing the sudden loss of my job of 16 years. In this post I want to share how years ago God made the provision for this transition. As of the date of this post, I recently finished my second month on the new job. Praise God!!

God always working it out

It was over ten years ago when I met my now current manager. (Will call her M). M and I worked for the same company as project managers. Yes, it was the same company that laid me off after 16 years. Also like my wife and I, M and her husband pastored a church. After a few years, M left the company and moved out of state. We stayed connected via Facebook and LinkedIn and interacted on occasion. The years passed one by one until the day came and I was looking for a new job. M reached out to me after learning I was out of work. I was looking for a new Project Management role and it just so happened she was hiring for one.  Long story short, she is my new manager.

I know there are many who would see these events as coincidence or just luck. However, I am confident that God does not do random nor does he let our lives play out by luck. Yes I believe we have some measure of free will, but ultimately he guides our path and his purpose will be accomplished. Just look at all the detail of creation found in Genesis and look at the great details that went into the Tabernacle. It is pretty clear God is intentional with how he operates. The Bible is full of many more examples. 

Mystery of the walk of faith

My layoff did not catch God by surprise. He knew those ten plus years ago that day would come. A decade ago God was making a provision for me in 2023.

How God operates is a great mystery.  I know many who have lost their jobs who have been out of work for months and even years. I am not more special nor am I loved more by God. Our walk of faith is just different. Faith is just that, trusting in the unknown. The reality is we rarely know why we journey through hard circumstances. That is part of faith though; It is the reality of trusting what we don’t see.

Now faith is the reality of what is hoped for, the proof of what is not seen. For by this our ancestors were approved. – Hebrews 11:1-2 (CSB)

 We have to trust God when we don’t know what is going on. We have to trust God with our ultimate care when our days grow dark. No matter what your current circumstances look like right now, God has taken care for your daily provision. I know that is easy for me to write these words. It is difficult, and at times seemingly impossible, to walk it out.

The Lord is the one who will go before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or abandon you. Do not be afraid or discouraged. – Deuteronomy 31:8 (CSB)

You are not alone

If you are walking through a dark time, I would be honored to pray for you. Just click on the link below and send me a request. Don’t worry; I won’t add you to any list, and I promise to respond. You see I also remember decades ago I was out of work for 11 months. It took years for my income to recover. There are many stories in my own life when I walked what seemed a lonely and dark path. It might not mean much but I will be glad to walk with you. I promise you, he will never leave you nor forsake you. To God be the glory!

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