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Prayers of Brother Andrew Part II

October 16, 2017 1 Comment

Last week I started a short series on the daily ten prayer points of Brother Andrew aka God’s Smuggler. You can read the intro and the first two prayer points here

We are responsible for the spiritual state in which we live – Brother Andrew

Prayer 3

Keyword: Prayer

Action: Become persistent in prayer.

Daily Prayer: Lord, as I plan my life of service to you, I pray for the working out of your will in my situation, and I pray against every evil force that opposes your will

When we confidently ask God to carry out his will and remove the obstacles, his answers bring us into the realm of the supernatural. – Brother Andrew

I find it amazing that God calls us to pray and he promises to hear us. However, we often pray selfishly focusing on our own apparent needs and not on the actual will and purposes of God. When we position ourselves properly, prayer is a great tool to line ourselves up with the perfect will of God.

In his book The Calling, Brother Andrew quotes Oswald Chambers, “The real reason for prayer is intimacy with our Father.”

Brother Andrew then writes:

We pray in order to be in relationship with God. And that intimacy colors the content of our prayers. Having an intimate relationship with God makes it possible for us to pray boldly as Abraham and Moses and Jesus did.

Prayer 4

Keyword: Preparation

Action: Prepare to live as a Christian full time.

Daily Prayer: Lord, make me the proper tool in your hand. Cause me to grow in my relationship with you so that when opportunities arise to reap your harvest, I will be completely prepared.

God calls all of us to full-time Christian service – Brother Andrew

This is a huge mind shift for a lot of people. Most people define full-time service as someone who works for a church or ministry. The truth is, we are all called to live as Christ 24/7. We are to always live according to the value and principles of a faithful disciple and prepared to share the gospel at any place or time. Our places of work, homes and our community are our ministry field. We are always on duty.

Prayer 5

Keyword: Penetration

Action:  Penetrate every devil-inspired boundary or barrier.

Daily Prayer: Lord help me to do something for you today that I have never done before.

For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. – Ephesians 6:12

People are not our enemies. Many want to focus on passing some law to try and curb sinful behavior but a sin nature can only be changed by the power of Jesus Christ. We war against Satan but not the people who might be under his influence or control. When we demean people by referring to them as thugs or some other negative term we fail to see them as someone who desperately needs Jesus in their life.

If we truly want to spread the good news of Christ, we must penetrate into all the world. – Brother Andrew

Again we are to be carriers of the gospel on our jobs, our homes and our community. As a Christian Disciple we live very differently from those who have not dedicated their life to Jesus but we should not live in seclusion. We need to be neck deep involved in our communities. We can’t wait for them to walk into the door of our churches we must go to them.

Prayer 6

Keyword: Presence

Action: Maximize your opportunities by being present

Daily Prayer: Lord, show me how I can bring your presence to the places it is needed most, simply by being there myself

Granted there are times for planned outreaches but sometimes the most impact comes as we take time to be available during our everyday lives. It is easy to worry about what we will do or say when sharing the gospel but sometimes we just need to be available and leave the details to the work of the Holy Spirit.

We have to understand that we will lead more to Christ when we actually have a relationship with them.

Pay attention to the call of God In your everyday life – and then follow it. Because it is here that we can begin changing the world. – Brother Andrew

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