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Journey of The Dreamer

March 18, 2012 4 Comments

A dream is not just something to accomplish or a far off destination, but it is who you are!

Created by Taylor Cwikla for Life Conyers – Used with Permission

This is from the sermon I preached on Sunday morning (3/18/2012) on the, “Journey of the Dreamer” at Life Conyers.

You can listen to the full sermon & hear my story as a church planter by clicking here.

For reference you may want to read Genesis 37, 39-47

A brief overview of Joseph’s journey:

Joseph was a young 17 year old and was all excited about his dreams from God. However his family did not share his enthusiasm. They did not like the idea of bowing down to  Joseph. So the brothers decided to do away with little brother and plotted to kill him. The oldest brother Reuben stepped in to save him and convinced them to toss him into a dry well until they could figure out what to do. I am sure Joseph was happy that his life was spared; however, he soon found himself sold into slavery to Potiphar.  So much for his grand dreams.

Joseph serves his master Potiphar so well that he is placed in charge of the entire house. Life seems to be going in the right direction. However, it was not to last. Potiphar’s wife accuses Joseph of trying to take advantage of her and Potiphar promptly throws Joseph into prison. Can Joseph’s life get anymore like a roller coaster with all the ups and downs?

Joseph learned how to serve no matter what the circumstances, so he was eventually placed in charge over other prisoners. His authority allowed him to interpret the dreams of two fellow prisoners. One was the former cup bearer for Pharaoh. Joseph’s interpretation of the cup bearer’s dream proved true, and the cup bearer was placed back into his former job. Joseph had hoped the cup bearer would put in a good word for him, but Joseph was forgotten. It was only after a long time later that the cup bearer remembers Joseph. Joseph was asked to interpret the dreams of Pharaoh himself. Pharaoh was so impressed he placed him as second in charge over all of Egypt.

Joseph’s journey started with two incredible dreams birthed from the heart of God. However the journey to see the fulfillment of the dreams involved an attempt on his life, slavery, false accusation and prison. Through it all Joseph stayed true to who he was and served with excellence wherever he was. Because of Joseph’s faithfulness he was able to live out the dreams God gave him, and he was  in the right place at the right time to save his family (and all of Egypt) from a major famine.

Here are some important points we can learn from this great story:

1. Death & Doubt can come early to a dream.

  • Satan will come quickly to create doubt. “Did I really hear from God?” “I do not think I can do this.”
  • No one will understand your dream more than you. You may find your own family and friends to initially be the least supportive.

2. The journey of a dreamer can be like a roller coaster ride.

  • Write down your dream so you can review it often when life does not seem so great.
  • Do not judge your dream (calling, purpose) based on your circumstances. NOTE: Always remember that any dreams you believe are from God will never contradict His written word.

3. Learn to serve where you are.

  • The journey is not often logical. Focus on today and, like Joseph, serve God today no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.
  • Walking in faith is not easy. It is easy to say, but it is hard to live out. The question is, “Will I focus on my circumstances or on the word of God?”

A dream is not just something to accomplish, or a far off destination, but it is who you are – Live it out today!

4. Whatever it takes.

  • Are you willing to go through hard and difficult circumstances so God can get you to be the right person at the right time to fulfill the dreams God has given you?
  • Life may be hard at times, but if we stay close to God he will give us peace and joy to endure all.
  • Where can you serve God today? There will never be enough time, money or ability. If there was, you would not need to live it out by faith. You might not be able to do it all, but you can do something. Start small. Jesus fed 5 thousand with just two fish and five loaves. Focus on today’s journey.
  • Always know at the end of the day it is really not your dream, but God’s dream for you. Stay true and faithful to your calling for today. God will lead you tomorrow. You do not need to force it to come to pass.

I would love to hear about the dreams God has given you. Below are a few questions to get the conversation started. Pick one or two and leave me a comment.

  1. What are the dreams that God has given you?
  2. What has your journey been like?
  3. Has your understanding of the dream changed over time?
  4. What about your understanding of how you live it out?
  5. What is your biggest struggle in believing the dream?

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