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I really am not a writer

March 26, 2012 1 Comment

If you are looking for a blog where the grammar is always spot on, you may want to move along. English was never even close to my best subject.

Photo Courtesy of Dvorty Girl (Creative Commons)

Sure my introverted challenged ego would love the accolades of thousands flocking to my blog, and a #1 bestseller for one  of the books that are still baking in my head. However, this does not provide my writing motivation. I have no desire for the process. Unless the words come easily, I struggle to press through.

Yet, I must write.

When I finally challenge myself to sit down and put words to screen, I find inspiration and the joy of discovery as I write out the random thoughts bouncing around in my head. The key for me is that I just start writing. It is exciting (at least for me) to how all the pieces fit together. Often, what start as unconnected dots come together for new understanding. Michael Hyatt recently posted this as on is his top reason why he blogs. He stated it helps him clarify his own thinking.

I need to be creative.

Maybe I am going through a midlife crisis, but I have found that I enjoy being creative. For most of my life, I would have made the claim that I am not creative. Something has clicked, and my writing allows me a creative outlet.  Or maybe I am compensating for the scars given to me by my kindergarten art teacher. (That is a blog for another day.)

I am not a writer, but I must write.

I may never get a single blog subscriber or sell a single book; I just need the discipline. A side benefit is that I have found that the more I write I become a better verbal communicator.

One of the regular blogs I read is by Jeff Goins. It is obvious that he defines himself as a writer. That is primarily what he blogs about.  He helps provide me with some motivation, and I often find his principals apply to other areas of my life . Several months ago he posted his, “Writers Manifesto.” You can download a copy from his site. – This blog is the start to my own manifesto.

No I do not need to be heard, but it is time for me to be creative, time for me to write. As Seth Godin says, it is time “ship.” So I will take a risk and quit hitting “Save Draft” and click on “Publish.” I might not change the world; however, I will change myself.

I would love to hear from you. What is your story?

  1. Do you consider yourself a writer?
  2. Is there some other challenge you take on not because it defines you, but because you feel you must?

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