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Christians are not Called to Protest

June 6, 2016 3 Comments

Here in the U.S. we find law after law being passed that are affronts to God’s Word. Many local communities try to curb the growth of churches through zoning laws. The news reports run rampant about Pastors who fall way short of living out their calling but they never report the positive impact many churches are having on their communities.


As Christians how should we respond? Many have chosen to rise up and talk about how bad and evil the laws are. They publicly protest against those who have chosen to live a life contrary to God.

I make no claims to be a theologian but I can’t find any scripture that calls us to rise up in protest against authority.

Now I have no doubts that there have been protests in our history that have brought about good. Dr. King and the Civil Right being one of them. The birth of our nation and even Martin Luther and the reformation another. However, I don’t think this should be the norm. The Bible calls us to live a life much differently.

In 1 Peter 2:11-25 the Apostle Peter calls us to live differently under an oppressive government.

Submit yourselves to every human authority

When Peter wrote his first letter Nero was Emperor of Rome. (source) You know, the guy who supposedly played his fiddle while Rome burned. Like any good leader Nero knew that there always has to be someone to blame for any tragedy so he blamed the Christians. He had them arrested and fed them to wild animals in the Circus while the audience watched and cheered.

Peter does not write in his letter to form a protest, sign petitions or start a boycott. No he says the craziest sounding thing in the world. – Submit to the Emperor

Slaves submit to your masters the good and the bad

In verse 18 (1 Peter 2:18) Peter speaks to the slaves – Again he does not call them to run away or pray against their masters. No he calls them to in reverent fear of God submit to their masters – even submit to the masters that are harsh.

To backup Peter’s point he turns to Jesus. (1 Peter 2:23) While nailed on the cross he did not retaliate or speak against them. Luke records that Jesus even asked the Father to forgive them (Luke 23:34)

Peter knew that we are to live a life according to God’s Kingdom and not for the rules of this world. Our human logic rarely works in God’s Kingdom. A kingdom that will last long after this earth passes away. Peter knew that if our focus was on living as servants of all, our good deeds would do more to spread the gospel and lead others into salvation. Our focus should be on eternity and not the fleeting time we are alive. Knowing our lives are short should call us to an urgency to spread the gospel.

Perhaps our focus should be more on living according to the Kingdom of God and loving our neighbors. A life loving those neighbors that hate and despise us. The church needs to rise up and find itself neck deep involved and loving our communities. No we should never condone or encourage sin but Jesus often found himself at the dinner table with the sinners of his day. I have to ask myself, ‘Who do I invite to sit at my table?’

I posted this quote in my post just last week but I think it is worth repeating:

I wonder if we spent more time being the light instead of cursing the darkness, what might happen? – Glen Burris, President International Church of the Foursquare Gospel

 Instead of rushing to social media to speak out against un-Biblical laws or call for a boycott against this or that retailer, we should fall on our knees and pray for those in authority. (1 Timothy 2:1-3) 

Pray for; not against!

Pray for their salvation for this life is fleeting and one day they will stand before the great judge.

Our world will continue to grow dark and the persecution of Christians here in the west is only beginning. We can spend our time screaming against the darkness or we can let our light shine drawing many unto the true life that is found only in the redemption of Jesus Christ.

Let us be willing to lay down our lives, willing to lay down our right to justice, so that God might be glorified and our good works will shine before all men for His Glory.

Are you with me?

photo credit: #MarcheContreMonsanto [explored] via photopin (license)

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