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The Anonymous Leader

June 2, 2016 1 Comment

Anonymous LeaderRalph Mayhew describes his latest book, The Anonymous Leader: An Unambitious Pursuit of Influence, as being, “… about fading away and becoming nothing so Jesus Christ can become everything through your life and leadership.”  I agree that this short quote describes his book well.

Mayhew’s book stands out in stark contrast against all the books and blogs that focus on gaining more followers for your own gain. Sadly many Christian leaders have traveled down that same path. Mayhew’s book is call back to true Christian Leadership. Leadership that dies to self so that above all Christ is glorified and those who follow learn that the best life is not about us but about Jesus.

“Anonymous leadership is about putting aside yourself, your ambitions, your visions of grandeur, your secret agenda of world domination, your hungry ego, and your desire for acclaim and recognition.” – Ralph Mayhew

The author’s primary audience for the book are the Millennials. Mayhew does a wonderful job of including just enough leadership 101 to lay a strong foundation for someone new to leadership.  However, he includes plenty of meat to challenge the more seasoned leader.

“Leadership is not a right we have but an opportunity we are given – we are invited onto a platform provided by God, to influence people on His behalf.” – Ralph Mayhew

As leaders it is somewhat easy for us to get caught up in our egos which so easily leads us astray. A key component of The Anonymous Leader are the chapters on fencing in our platform. A fence that is based on vision, values, culture and heart. These four fences become the standard a leader can use to judge their daily life. Will this decision I am about to make violate my vision, value, culture or heart? If yes, then we have a clear warning to step back and reevaluate the move.

“Crossing a fence protecting the platform happens when the vision is disregarded, agreed upon values are compromised, culture is violated or our heart’s motive strays.” – Ralph Mayhew

Overall Mayehew has written a strong title that swims against the current of our success oriented society.  Even those that focus on servant leadership fail to place a strong emphasis on putting Jesus first. The author also does not shy away from the great cost required to become an Anonymous Leader.  To take up our cross, die daily, and to live as a living sacrifice are very heavy commands from the Bible.  Only when we truly pay the cost to live them out do we discover the best life we are called to live in and through Jesus. And only then can we fulfill the call to be an anonymous leader.

The Anonymous Leader: An Unambitious Pursuit of Influence would make a great gift for any new college graduate. – I have already given away my first copy.

NOTE: – I did receive a free copy of the book but not from the author. Dan Black (who has a must read leadership blog) gave me the copy with no expectations of a review.

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