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In 2019 I saw the Double Nickel

January 20, 2020 0 Comments

What an odd title for a blog post. Yes, I guess it is. Last year I made my 55th pass around the sun. For me that was a bit of an accomplishment.  Several years ago I wrote about one of my greatest childhood heroes, my dad. I was just eleven years old when I watched him die of a massive heart attack. He was just 54.

Over the years the thought would creep into my mind, “Would I live longer than my dad did?” It never really was a fear but just a lingering thought tucked back in the folds of my brain. Every now and then it would try to peek out.  I am thankful for the grace and mercy of God that kept it at bay. I have no other way to describe it.

Of course as I grew older it would show up more often. In a blink of an eye I was north of 50.

As I aged I learned to appreciate life a lot more. That was a big deal for me. I often struggled with worry and lack of patience. Sadly anger would show its ugly head more often than I would have liked. But God did not give up on me and still has not given up because I still need a lot of work.

I quit complaining about Monday’s. Monday’s are great. Any day I have air in my lungs and the grace and peace of God surrounding me is a great day. Even at my age I still miss my dad and think about him often. I missed him a lot, especially when I got married and when my kids were born. I am pretty sure he would have been a great granddad.

My Rock – my Mom

I also would be remiss to not be grateful for my mom. She grew up during the depression in Atlanta. She and her sisters would serve breakfast to the students at Georgia Tech before they would head off to high school and then back to Tech afterwards to serve dinner. Mom would never re-marry. For several years I would often hear her at night crying in her room as she thought about my dad. She somehow found the strength to work full time and still raise me and my sister. I was a scared skinny kid who would find any excuse to skip school. But she saw me through. She was one of the strongest women I have ever known in my life. (Another being my wife.) My mom’s imprint is all over me and she shaped the man I am today. She was a really good grandma aka Nana to my kids. It has been several years since she and dad have been reunited in the presence of Jesus. She lived to be 86. Every now and then I will think, “I need to call mom.” It is strange how our brains’ hang onto memories.

Every day is a beautiful day. I am blessed beyond measure. I have the most wonderful wife any man could hope for. In just a few months we will celebrate 33 years of marriage. We have 3 beautiful kids, two beautiful daughter in laws and two precious grand kids. No every day is not easy. Circumstances of life can be hard, but every day is good.

Now for the glory of God to live longer than my mom

Life really is like a vapor and in a blink life in this world will be over so let’s make every day count. Let me know in the comments what your are grateful for in life.

Through faith in Jesus I can rest soundly in the hope of eternal life with him.

PS: Look for my first podcast episode launching this Thursday: Hanging out with Pastor Jon

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