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Jesus on Every Page: A Book Review

November 25, 2013 6 Comments

Jesus on Every PageAs part of my Masters program I recently read Jesus on Every Page: 10 Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament by David Murray

Murray brings his wealth as both a Pastor and Seminary professor to an important topic that is well written and easy to understand.  So many people (myself included) often fail to see that Jesus played a large and active part of the Old Testament.  Murray brings clarity on how to find Jesus in the Old Testament in just 256 pages. Murray gives specific example of Jesus in the Old Testament throughout the book. 

Murray takes the time to explain the differences between “shadows” and “types” of Jesus in the Old Testament.  He also shows when the pre-incarnate Jesus was directly involved in specific events. Jesus often shows up as the “Angel of the Lord” or the “Messenger of the Lord.”

 The fact that the Old Testament is larger than the New Testament it is a great wealth to the knowledge to walk out our lives with and for Jesus. Murray contends that the Old Testament should not be seen as minor or less important to the New. 

Murray states “Jesus Himself used New Testament light to interpret the Old Testament scriptures.” Jesus often quoted the Old Testament and until the Epistles it was the only Bible the early church had. Murray brings to life the fact that the Old Testament not only points to Jesus as the coming Messiah but also Jesus was working and moving in the people and events from Genesis to Malachi. 

 Here are some other quotes by Murray:

 “Although grace was gloriously displayed in the predictive pictures of the old covenant, many people became attached to the pictures themselves, the sacrifices and ceremonies, rather than to the One pictured and prophesied in them. They took the husks and ignored the kernel. This focus on the physical and the visible obscured Jesus from them”

 “Redemption was already planned when God said, “Let there be light.” Therefore we should view creation against the backdrop of the plan of redemption and as an integral part of it.”

 Parts of the book are a bit dry and on an occasion or two some of the supporting documentation was lacking. However, Murray has put together a great source of information that is useful to any student of the Bible. 

You can learn more about David Murray at his blog:

Disclaimer: I purchased my copy of Jesus on Every Page, and I have not been asked by the author for this review. 

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 What other books or resources can you suggest that help us see Jesus in the Old Testament? 

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