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There are No Superheroes in the Bible

August 19, 2013 12 Comments

When we read about all the courageous men and women of the Bible it is easy to think that they were some kind of superhero. Just think about all the things they did. 

 Photo by JD Hancock - Creative CommonsPhoto by JD Hancock – Creative Commons

  •  Moses parted the red sea
  • Joshua conquered fortified city after fortified city
  • Gideon with Just 300 men defeated a much larger force
  • David killed a giant
  • The apostles risked (and most of them died) to spread the gospel around the world. 


Who would you add to the list?

 We know that in each event God showed up and he was the one who wrought the miracle; however, we seem to think that the people involved had some form of superhero ability. If we look at their lives closely, we learn that they were men and women just like you and I. 

 The Heroes in the Bible:

  • Doubted
  • Made mistakes
  • Made bad choices
  • Sinned

 The key is in how they responded:

  •  Rose up despite failures – moved forward
  • Asked for forgiveness
  • Trusted God
  • Died to their own agendas
  • Stepped out in faith.


These great men and women in the Bible struggled with doubt (Moses and Abraham).  King David the man after God’s own heart committed adultery and murder.  However they found a way to rise up from their mistakes, ask God for forgiveness and turn away from their sin.  Deep inside they found a trust in God and they took a risk and stepped out in faith. When they did, God always showed up in a powerful way. 

 The heroes’ of the Bible had no more access to God than we do today. (Tweet This) Like them, we must see beyond and pray beyond our doubt. Ask Jesus for forgiveness of our sins and we must repent – We must turn our minds away and follow fully Jesus and his calling.  We must die to our own agendas and step out in faith.  (Tweet This)

You must believe that you have the same ability as Abraham, Moses, David, the Apostles…… For it is “…Christ in you the hope of glory.” Colossians 1:27

 Prayer can be easy, but at some point we have to risk it all and step out in faith.  (Tweet This)


 Your voice is important; I would love to hear from you.

 Do you see yourself with the same abilities as the heroes of the Bible?

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