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Change Your Worship Language

August 12, 2013 7 Comments

If we take a serious look at the majority of our worship songs we will find that most of them are songs about God and not too God. 

 Photo by Ben Ehmke Creative CommonsPhoto by Ben Ehmke Creative Commons

I love my wife. I truly am blessed and I married way above what I deserve. She does a lot of great things for me. She cooks me dinner, pays the bills, washes my clothes, takes care of kids and often will fix my lunch before I head off to work. (This is only a very minute portion of all that she does)

 So what would it be like if every day all I said to Janice was:  – ‘Thank you for fixing dinner.” “I really like they way you wash and fold my clothes.” “That lunch today was off the chain.”

  At some point she would begin to wonder if I loved her or just what she does for me.  Yet how often do we treat God this way?  What if God never blessed you? Would you still worship him? Is worship supposed to be about us or about God? (Tweet This)


We need to change our language of worship

  •  The majority of our worship language should be directed to God not just about him. (Tweet This) We need to tell him how much we love him and how we long to bring him glory. It is OK to remember the great things God has done for us, just don’t let that be the only language you use toward God. 


  •  We need to see worship as more than just singing. I love to sing but we are called to live a life of worship. Romans 12:1 calls us to be a living sacrifice. The Old Testament sacrifices were always considered a form of Worship. They could not partially sacrifice an animal. You either did it or you did not. We should not live our lives as a partial sacrifice of worship to God. (Tweet This)  We must learn to see and live ALL of our lives as worship. (Tweet This


 We have to sacrifice our own agendas and dreams to enter fully into the worship we are called too. (Tweet This) What a glorious worship that is!

 Let your prayer be that you can live a life of sacrifice that gives worship to God with all that you do. 


Your voice is important; I would love to hear from you.

 How do you need to change your language of worship?

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