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Present: My One Word for 2021

January 18, 2021 0 Comments

Several years ago I started the practice of having a single word that would help bring focus for the year. My one word for 2021 is, “Present.” I hope sharing my one word will help encourage you to live out a great 2021

Some of my past words have been Expansion (for 2020), others were Generous, Effective and Focus

 I don’t have some magic formula to come up with the one word they just seem to come to mind, but they do follow the pattern of how God speaks to me. Back around the end of October the word present came to mind. It was just an inkling, so I made note of it in my journal. As the weeks went by the word kept coming up in my thoughts. However, it was not until I commented on a video by YouTuber Jeremy Skinner – Ten Minutes of Truth that Present really came to life and I saw the full details of its meaning for 2021.

Present: A Definition

I define present as fully engaged and aware of what is going on in this current moment. Right here, right now!

This year I will be proactive and intentional to be present in three main areas of my life.

Present with God

The first is to be present with God. I want to be more present in prayer and worship. A key component of this is studying God’s word. Yes I always study but it is easy to fall into the trap of reading just to check a task off. I want to be sure that each time I open God’s word I have removed all distractions so I can be fully engaged with the Word. You can click here to see my Bible Study Plan

Present with Family

My second area is to be present with family. Can you believe I now have three grandkids? All girls, please pray for me. My boy’s love to show up with with little notice. I need to be OK with putting aside any other task or plan I may have had for the moment. I will often leave my phone in a different room. At that moment, nothing is more important or precious than my family.

Present with Others

The third area is to be present with others. I could also call this ministry. However, I don’t want to limit it to my role as co-pastor Life Church, but present with others every day.  Present with friends, strangers and as I already mentioned family.

I want to live a life fully engaged wherever I find myself.

I want to truly hear what others have to say without thinking ahead of how I will respond. Often people are trying to communicate something deeper than what their words reveal. I want to be present to hear at that level. I also want to be aware of the Holy Spirit to see if there is a chance for ministry or to share the gospel.

Present: A Story

I think the story of Jesus and the woman with the issue of blood really sums up being present. You can read about it in Luke 8:40-48.

A great crowd was clamoring for Jesus attention. A man named Jarius pushed his way through to Jesus asking him to come and heal his dying daughter. At this moment this became Jesus’ agenda, his purpose. As Jesus focused on finding his way through the crowd a woman, who had been bleeding for 12 years, reached out and touched Jesus robe. She was instantly healed. Jesus felt something had happened.. He asked, who touched me? The disciples thought that was a crazy question. With the crowd pressing in on Jesus, who hadn’t touched him? After the woman came forward Jesus declared that her faith had saved her.

At that moment no longer did Jesus purpose and agenda matter. The massive crowd was no longer a distraction. It was almost as if they did not exist. At that moment, the only thing that mattered was Jesus being present with this woman. Jesus had the faith to know that the little girl would be taken care of. And she would be raised to life.

Goals are Important, but….

Yes we set goals, make plans and agendas. But sometimes we need to not worry about our plans and agendas so we can be present with what God has for us right here right now. We need the faith for whatever else we need to take care of, God will make a way.

My main goal this year is to make sure I am always present with God, family and others.

Let me know in the comments if you have a one word for 2021 or what your top two or three goals are.

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