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Expansion – My One Word for 2020 – Part II

January 13, 2020 2 Comments

Right before the turn of the new decade I declared, “Expansion,” as my one word for 2020. In that post I mentioned I really did not have a lot of clarity for how Expansion will impact my year. In just the few days since then I have gained some clarity.  You can read part one here

Expansion – “The act or process of expanding.”

I have a regular habit of reading my Bible and spending time in prayer. However, often the mere fact that I am trying to hear from God or too gain His understanding about a matter becomes a distraction to my spiritual ears. It is like I am focusing so hard on trying to hear that I can’t hear. Most often, the clarity I seek comes unexpectedly at “unaware” times. It comes during those times when I am just going about the daily things of life. It could be during my commute to work, or during a casual conversation with a co-worker. Other times it is that brief moment of rolling over in bed at 2 am. It was during one of these unaware times I gained a little more clarity.

As a pastor, I often find there is overlap with the understanding God gives me for me personally, my family and for my church. I believe the following apply to me personally and to my church, Life Church in Conyers Georgia.

Expansion 2020

Expand in the Word

I need to focus more on going deep in God’s word. It is too easy for me to rush through my reading just so I can check off my daily reading plan.

I need to pray more for the power of God’s word to renew my mind and re-order my desires and passions. Understanding what we read is important but sometimes we just need to let the word be the word. Something happens in the spiritual realm when we read God’s word even if we don’t always understand the meaning. Somethings will always be a mystery.

Expand in Worship

I spend a good bit (maybe not enough) of time reading my Bible and in prayer but maybe not so much time in what would be defined as worship. However, I do believe that study and prayer are worship activates. I need to be more proactive and intentional in personal times of Worship before God. I need to spend more time in using my voice (song and speaking) and my body through kneeling, laying prostrate etc. And more in times of silence and solitude. During these times I need to be sure I focus on bringing God glory and not doing it in order to get something from God. I want to be content with just being in His presence. I also need to see how my daily work is done in a way that brings God glory and is an act of worship.

Expand in Mission / Reach

This one is a key point that will be lived out at Life Church and for me personally. I need to pray for more opportunities for daily encounters where I can share the good news of Jesus or to simply pray for someone. I am not one who says that everyone should be leading people to Jesus. God made us all differently and even the Bible says some are evangelists (Ephesians 4:11-12 CSB). However, we all have some role to play to at least plant and nurture those seeds that will lead others to Jesus.

I have a greater desire than ever before to see the lost come to Jesus.

As I mentioned in part one, I will be launching a podcast and YouTube channel as part of expanding my reach. I have submitted my podcast (Hanging Out with Pastor Jon) to Apple and I am waiting for their approval and for it to be indexed in there database (takes about two weeks). I will be posting my podcasts here on my website on Thursdays, about 2 per month. I will begin filming my first video this week. I will post videos here on Monday’s when I don’t have a regular blog post.

Expand in Impact / Effectiveness

Effective was my one word for 2018 & 19. I think it is one word that never will go away. I want what I do to have impact. I want God to be able to use me to change other people’s lives. May God get all the glory.

It is looking like 2020 is going to be a great year. I am hearing from others that God has been speaking to them along these same lines.

I pray that 2020 will be a year of great expansion for God’s Kingdom

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