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A Worship Focus

July 20, 2015 0 Comments

“The worship of God makes believers more godly because people become like their focus. We emulate what we think about.” Donald S. Whitney

There are so many things we seek out in life so much we want to do. We chase dreams (which can be Worship Focusgood) and we often work so we can find times of rest and recreation. Yet it seems like times of rest rarely come and we fail to make any real growth or / progress in life. Most importantly, we fail to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ. We allow so much into our lives; all we have are a bunch of little pieces. It is through a life of limited focus we gain the most.

There is nothing more important in our lives than Jesus; yet he often gets the leftovers. Our days are so busy we might find time for worship once a week on Sunday. But even on that day it is easy for something else to grab our attention.

This must stop. Daily we must find times to praise and worship our Holy God. Through worship we remove the distractions and place the focus back on Him, a focus that changes our perspective. Worship becomes a time for God to rewire our lives. His desires well up in our heart as we reflect on God’s glory. As we recall the goodness and the blessings in our life, suddenly all the other stuff of life lose its appeal. Worship keeps us pointed in the right direction.

 A worship focus seems to feed on itself. As we worship and focus on Jesus we want to worship more.

We become what we feed on. Just like our physical bodies are affected by the food we eat the same thing goes for our brain and our spirit. If we spend our time consuming TV, radio, books, we find ourselves becoming like that which we consume.

 So the question is, what do you consume? What do you focus on?

Donald S. Whitney quote is from his book, Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life

Photo Credit: jfernsler via Compfight cc

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