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Plunging In

October 7, 2013 10 Comments

Peter seems like he would be the most unlikely candidate to be a disciple. Of course that could be the very reason why Jesus picked him.  He was confessing Jesus as the Messiah one minute only to be rebuked by Jesus next when he was told “Satan get behind me.” His passionate temper would put him at odds at times with the Apostle Paul.  Yet he would be the rock that would become the foundation for the church. (Matthew 16:18) 

 Plunging In

Preachers love to preach the “you of little faith” when Peter tried to walk on the water. The disciples were in their boat crossing a lake when a strong wind came up against them. They looked out and they saw what they thought was a ghost walking on the water. When they found it was Jesus, Peter asked if he could come to him. Jesus told Peter to come and Peter without hesitation climbed out onto the water. He was doing great at first but then he took his eyes of Jesus and focused on the waves and down he went.  Jesus reached out and brought him back up.  Matthew 14:25-31

 Peter may have doubted but at least he got out of the boat!! (Tweet This)

Fast Forward

 Jesus has died on the cross and came back to life but Jesus was no longer walking around with them every day. Peter and some of the disciples were at a loss of what to do so they went back to what they knew. They went fishing. (John 21:3-14)

 All night their nets came up empty so when morning came they headed back in. A man stood on the shore who encouraged them to cast their net onto the other side. Immediately the net was full of fish, and instantly Peter knew it was Jesus.  (He had seen this scenario before – Luke 5:3-5) He quickly wrapped his outer garment around himself (and perhaps remembering his previous attempt at water walking) and he plunged head first into the water and swam some 100 yards to shore. Nothing was going to keep him from Jesus. 

 Peter the rock:

  •  Bound his outer garment – To me this represents his own desires his own agendas. He bound it to keep it from getting in his way.
  • He plunged in – Peter did not let his past hinder him (Not his previous lack of faith or the fact that he had denied Jesus 3 times the night before he was crucified)

You can’t sort of plunge in; it is all or nothing. Jesus is calling us to a life where we plunge in all the way. We can’t live the full life Jesus has for us sitting in the boat. (Tweet This)

 We need to keep our own agendas in check so they don’t become a hindrance between us and Jesus. (Tweet This)

 It is time to get out of the boat and plunge headfirst into the life Jesus has called us too. (Tweet This)

Your voice is important; I would love to hear from you.

 How will you plunge in?

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About the Author:

I am enthusiastic about helping others discover their purpose and grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus. It is great to see their eyes light up at their “Ah Ha!” moment when they discover they were created for something more. My hope is that this blog will help encourage and inspire you along your way. Join the conversation and take the time to share with me your own story. I have been married to my beautiful wife Janice for over 25 years. We currently live in Stockbridge Georgia with two of our children Matt and Victoria. Our oldest Chris has left the nest. Of course we cannot forget about our dog Taffy.
  • Jon, I love the way you have brought these two stories together and contrasted them. I have never heard that done before. Great job!

    • Thanks Tim, That is what so great about God’s Word. We can read something a hundred times and never really give it much thought then suddenly God reveals something new to us.

  • So are you saying that Peter didn’t have the faith to try walking on water again? Or he didn’t stop to think about his past failures? or something else?

    • Great question Chris. To be honest I really did not think about his faith. I would assume that his faith might be a little shaky since Jesus was yet to restore him after his denial. But that is purely an assumption on my part.

      I think he knew full well his past failures but plunged in with full abandonment anyway. This of course would be a step of faith. It is a good chance that this step of faith positioned Peter for, “Peter do you love me?” followed by Jesus telling Peter about the hard time that laid ahead for his future in John 21:15-19

      • Thanks for the reply Jon. It makes a lot of sense and I love the comparison between the two occasions and I’d never thought about it.

  • Cheri-CreationScience4Kids

    My husband loves Peter, it gets old hearing preachers use him as a whipping boy for our worst traits. For example, Peter had been commanded to be up there in Galilee and wait for Jesus. He was doing just that as he went fishing.
    For me, I’ve always envied Peter’s experience walking on water, I would have wanted to so badly!
    I’ve also wondered at how he “began” to sink. You’d think when he stopped focusing on Jesus he would have gone *shoop* under the water, but no, he just got his feet and legs wet giving him plenty of time to call for help.

    One thing is sure, we’ll never get to the end of the connections to be made between the archetypical human and ourselves!

    • Thanks Cheri for your comment. I guess I can relate a lot with Peter. Yeah he had his faults (just like we all do) but he was resolute to move forward to live out his calling. And when needed he was the one to rise up and lead the way.

  • Great post, Jon! In order to move forward successfully we have to be able to receive God grace and forgiveness about the past. Staying plugged into God.

    • Glad to hear from you Dan. It is His grace and forgiveness that keeps us going. And Peter knew that his grace and forgiveness was standing on the beach.

      • I always enjoy reading and commenting on your blog! Amen!