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All For Jesus

February 25, 2013 1 Comment

Why do we tend to live our lives in different compartments? We tend to refer to our work as secular and our church, ministry, prayer etc. as spiritual. Why do we not see our work as spiritual?

Photo Courtesy Daniel Y. Go - Creative Commons

Photo Courtesy Daniel Y. Go – Creative Commons

I have gone to church all my life and I have to admit that for most of my life it has been easy to forget about God when I was not at church. I believed in Jesus, and I loved his cause, but Monday through Saturday I went about my business. I long to live a life that is all in for Jesus. 

In 1874 Charles Spurgeon delivered a sermon called “All for Jesus”  

“To a man who lives unto God nothing is secular, everything is sacred. He puts on his workday garment and it is a vestment to him. He sits down to his meal and it is a sacrament. He goes forth to his labor, and therein exercises the office of the priesthood. His breath is incense and his life a sacrifice. He sleeps on the bosom of God, and lives and moves in the divine presence.”

We must grow to the place where all we do is done for Jesus. The line between secular and spiritual must disappear.  It is Jesus who gives us the strength to work. Our work place is also a vast mission field. It is likely that we will spend more time with our coworkers than our on family, and sadly, few of them will enter the doors of the church. We need to be able to take the gospel to them. 

Back in August of 2011 I wrote another blog post on being “All In.”  I used an example of the extreme dedication of an elite U.S. Military unit. What if we lived for Jesus with that much passion, discipline and abandonment?

It is easy to fall into the trap to try and create this on our own. In reality, I cannot. My flesh will always draw the line in my life. I should live all for Jesus, and only Jesus can accomplish that kind of life in me. 

Everyday I pray that Jesus will build in me a passionate love for him. A love so great that all else begins to fade. I pray he anoints me to have the strength to live a life of discipline and that he anoints my mind to see all I do as unto the Lord. – Let it be so Lord Jesus, Amen. 

Let me close with this other quote from Spurgeon’s sermon:

“The Lord hath cleansed your houses, he has cleansed your bed chambers, your tables, your shops, he has made the bells upon your horses holiness to the Lord, he has made the common pots and pans of your kitchens to be as the bowls before the altar, if you know what you are and live according to your high calling. You housemaids, you cooks, you nurses, you ploughmen, you housewives, you traders, you sailors, your labor is holy if you serve the Lord Christ in it, by living unto him as you ought to live. The sacred has absorbed the secular.”

Your voice is important; I would love to hear from you. 

Do you still draw a line between the secular and the spiritual? How do you try to live out the secular for Jesus?

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About the Author:

I am enthusiastic about helping others discover their purpose and grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus. It is great to see their eyes light up at their “Ah Ha!” moment when they discover they were created for something more. My hope is that this blog will help encourage and inspire you along your way. Join the conversation and take the time to share with me your own story. I have been married to my beautiful wife Janice for over 30 years. We currently live in McDonough Georgia with our daughter. Our two boys have left the nest and we have two wonderful grand kids. Of course we cannot forget about our dog Bear.