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It’s Easy to Be a Critic

September 24, 2018 0 Comments

“Critics don’t change the future, creators do.” – Terry Weaver

If you spend any time at all on social media and / or the blogosphere, it will not take long to find the critics. They love to find the smallest details to rail against. They are skilled at turning the biggest non-issue into the biggest issue of the day. Once they wear it out they run along to the next.

It is easy to be a critic. You simply find fault with a work of art, company, politician or even your neighbor and simply open your mouth and let your opinion come pouring out. Critics can play it safe behind their twitter posts or editorial  op-eds without ever having to leave their home. However, critics rarely create anything. They rarely rise to become great leaders. They rarely change the world.

“With every stroke of the brush, note that’s played, or word that’s written, we have the power to move the human heart to action.” – Terry Weaver

I guess in this post I am actually being critical of critics. It is easy for me to run down that path to criticize another’s work.  Our world desperately needs more creatives. Not just more people to create great art but also those who can creatively lead. We need people who can create the inspiration to start a movement.


Critics can hide behind their opinions never showing the world who they really are. However, when you create something that found its start from a deep passion within, you have nothing to hide behind. You created a painting, captured a photograph of the sunset, or perhaps cast a new vision for your team. There is a great chance no one will see what you see. Perhaps the critics will quickly find fault.  What if they do? Will the world come to an end if you have failed? What if you have created something great? Run the risk, take the chance. 

Creative Outlet

I have never really seen myself as being very creative. Back in 2012 I wrote a post about the day in Kindergarten when I was punished for failing to cut on the line. And  even with a ruler I can’t draw as straight line. I enjoy photography but I am a photographer built for the digital age. It is healthy though for all of  us to have some creative outlet. We need the challenge to create something good, even if it is only for our own enjoyment.  A few years ago I exposed myself to way too much talk radio and news. I soon discovered I did not like myself very much. Our mind and our soul need a healthy diet of beauty. If you think you cant create it yourself, then find it at a museum, in a good book or even music. Your mental and emotional state will thank you for it. 

More Than Just Art

I mentioned earlier we desperately need creative leaders. We need leaders who can do more than sign a petition or rally a protest (at times those things are needed). What would happen if we learned a way that instead of complaining about a problem we creatively lead forward?

Create Something Today

“As makers, creators, leaders and artisans we have a lot of influence over the future. The question is, are we brave enough to actually do it?” – Terry Weaver

Today, you and I have a choice. We can sit behind the safety our computer screens and smartphone posting about all that is wrong with the world or we could take a moment to create something encouraging and inspiring. Perhaps we can put our phones down and find a person that is not like us and create a conversation.  You might be rejected, you might even be ridiculed but at least you did something. You dared to have the courage to create something great. If you fail today, you get a do over tomorrow. 

Don’t be a critic. Go create your next piece of art, music, blog post, book or even your own company – the world is waiting!

photo credit: naturenutz4 2014-05-13 10.58.04 via photopin (license)

Quotes are from Terry Weaver’s book Making Elephants Fly: Getting Your Dreams Off The Ground

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