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The Dreamer’s Pain

December 28, 2015 6 Comments

There must be a thousand blogs written to help one discover and live out their dreams. I guess my blog is one of those. We serve a God who gives us dreams which are often glimpses into a future he has ordained for us. Sometimes the dream for the future is given through a promise like Abraham (Genesis 12:1-9). For others it is through actual dreams like Joseph (Genesis 37:5-10).

Dreamers Pain

Dreams are wonderful. In our dreams we can see a future that is perfect in every way. However, getting there can be a long and lonely road. A road of toil, sweat, heartache and pain. Joseph had dreams of well fed cattle and a powerful role of authority. However his dreams did not show the attempt on his life by his own brothers, being thrown in a pit, slavery and imprisonment. Joseph would rise to second in command next to Pharaoh of Egypt but the days before that were dark and most likely filled with a lot of doubt.

If we seek the will of God, he will place within us a dream of a purpose for him.

Our dream is often greater than just a job or way to make money.

If your dream is only how you can have a fulfilling career, I think you miss the point. That may be a part of your dream but God has something greater. Joseph saw a dream of his brothers bowing before him, but God intended Joseph to be in a place to rescue his family from famine and to provide a place of shelter so his family could grow into the nation of Israel.

The trouble with dreams

  • We eat and sleep them. Our minds rarely wonder very far from them.
  • Sleepless nights – If you are like me, your mind never shuts off. Always thinking, reflecting & planning. – Makes it hard to sleep.
  • Doubts – Circumstances don’t seem to be lining up with your dreams, or you think that you just don’t have the capacity to live it out.
  • Fear – doubts unchecked produce fear. You seem haunted by all the “What if” questions. What if I am wrong? What if I miss God? What if I make a mistake? What if I harm my family?
  • Critics- there are those people who just don’t get it. I remember when my wife and I were getting ready to plant a church I had friend look at me and tell me that he would not be going with me. He said, “I just don’t see it in you.” Well that just made my day (sarcasm intended).
  • Failure – It seems like everything you do fails. Nothing seems to work.

So what is a dreamer to do?

  • Understand that first and foremost it is not your dream. You don’t own it. It has been given to you by God.
  • Don’t dwell on your critics. Quit replaying their voice in your head. – Let it go
  • Seek out wise council and surround yourself with positive but honest voices. Rarely does a dream come to a reality in isolation. Life is better lived in community.
  • You can’t make it happen- This is actually a good thing. Just be obedient with what you can do today and let God do the hard work.
  • Act on what you can, but don’t try to force it. Often it are the smallest steps that move us further down the road. The key is to do that one small thing that you can today.
  • Don’t focus so much on the future that you miss out on the God’s calling for today. If you are obedient today, God will take care of your future.
  • Pray and persevere – See beyond your failures and keep moving forward.

Quit whining about life, your failures, your mistakes, and your lack of whatever. – Get up, move forward and own the day for God’s glory

So what is your dream? What are your plans for 2016 to make it a reality?

photo credit: The rest of the warrior! via photopin (license)

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