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No – They are Not Thugs

May 26, 2015 2 Comments

Crime runs rampant in our nation. The pain and struggle between the different races and classes in our nation grows stronger as time goes by. A couple of weeks ago during the protests in Baltimore someone (not sure who) felt the solution was to refer to the rioters as “thugs.” People were literary burning down their own city so I guess to them this seemed logical.

Freddie Gray

 I want to take a moment to address our Christian worldview. A well known talk show host tweeted out the picture of a graffitied police car with the words, “Kill Pigz.” He included, “Can we call them thugs now?” The post was then retweeted by a Pastor I follow on twitter. To be fair to this one Pastor, I had seen the “thug” label being put forth by several other Christians. A city was literally being burned down and lives were forever being destroyed and some Christians think that part of the solution is name calling, really?

 Yes the comment hit me wrong. How the rioters were responding was wrong but were they thugs? Or was their thuggery a symptom of our fallen world? Does God see them as thugs or does he weep over them longing for them to be redeemed just as much as you and I?

 I am not suggesting that they should not face the justice of this world but as Christians we are called to something greater. Jesus Christ paid the price – the justice – for a crime I owed against God. He paid the price for my sin. Instead of justice I received mercy. This life is fleeting and one day we will all stand before God’s courtroom. Eternity will be at hand and our fate will stand before a loving God who is also just.

 Don’t think that I am perfect in how I see others. I have had plenty of “thug” thoughts toward others. Should we not see beyond the looting, see beyond destruction and see someone that without the redemption of Christ will spend eternity in hell, forever separated from God? Instead of proclaiming they are thugs, we should be weeping over people who desperately need the love of Christ. I should find myself driven to my knees praying for the coming of their salvation.

Forgive me Lord Jesus when I look on with apathy.

 Don’t ever think that your own sin stinks less than others. The real problem is not that we sin against one another or that we just do something bad. The problem is that we sin against a Holy and Righteous God. Let us long not for justice but for the same grace and mercy shown to us to be poured out on all of mankind despite their crime.

Let’s not call them thugs which really does nothing but drive a wedge deeper between one another but let us go before our Father and pray for their salvation. Let’s stand in for them while they can’t do it for themselves.

 They are not thugs; they really are just like you and me. They are men and women, boys and girls who desperately need a savior.

Photo Credit: Dren P via Compfight cc

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