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A Leader’s Most Important Question

November 17, 2014 4 Comments

Every Leader must ask himself, “Do I want survival, success or significance?” – John Maxwell


I have to admit that for too many years I lived for survival. Sure I had big dreams but that is all they really were, just dreams. My focus was to just make it through the day. I only sought work to make money so I could provide for my family. Now there is nothing wrong with seeking to provide for our families. That is a noble act; however, if that is all we hope for, life becomes a dull chore.

 If we focus just on survival, we are really focusing on the negative. We start with the premise that life is bad so I must work to survive. Life it self becomes an obstacle we have to overcome.

 Eventually I wanted success. I desired to be important. There are thousand ways to define success. It is different for just about everybody but for me at least, it really was not that far beyond survival. Success most often is all about me.

 At this point in my life survival and success have lost its appeal for me. Yes they are still important and to some degree necessary. Today I want to be significant. I want to leave behind an imprint in this world. Now I desire to help others. Life is so much more wonderful when I live it for others.

 I am far from perfect but I hope to live a life where I can encourage and invest in others. I want to help someone else move from survival to significance. This is a choice, a decision I must make every day. Significance puts me in a place to leave behind a lasting legacy. Our mark on this world may seem small, but let’s make it a good one.

 So where are you on life’s journey? Do you live for survival, success or significance? Your voice is important so leave your answer in the comments below.

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John Maxwell quote is from his book Mentoring 101

 Photo Credit: welshio via Compfight cc

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