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Making Ministry Simple Every Day

October 22, 2013 5 Comments

Ministry every day really is not difficult. At least it should not be.


We have a lady that has been faithfully attending life church for over a year now. It is amazing to see how her relationship with Jesus has grown. For many months she had been out of work and each week we would pray that she would find a job. She recently went to work as a cashier at a major discount store. She is thankful for the job but it also frustrates her because she frequently has to miss church due to work. However, God has other plans.  To respect her privacy and her job I will refer to her as “M”

 You see, she has discovered every day is full of opportunities for ministry. On multiple occasions while working she has had the opportunity to pray with and encourage others. She recently told me of a lady that came through her line to check out.  This is a large store and at most times the checkout lines are long. However, in this case this one lady was in line all alone. M could tell by her countenance that she was having a hard time. So while ringing up her order M took the time to pray with and encourage her.  God does not do random and M recognized that she was the right person at the right place at the right time to share the love of Jesus. 

 Another time a family who had just moved to our area from Chicago came through M’s line. During the conversation M was able to tell them about Life Church and the family visited that Wednesday night. Because of M’s attention to the move of the Holy Spirit and her obedience we were able to baptize one of the young boys from this family and dedicate their baby girl. We will baptize their other two boys soon. See “It is Worth it All” for pictures of the baptism and baby dedication. 

 I am so thankful that M sees her life far beyond church. Church is where she if fed and has the support of other believers. However, she is called to something greater. She is called to be a witness in her simple way out in her community.  I pray that we will have M’s by the hundreds to truly turn upside down our community. 

 Ministry should not be difficult. It can happen in the simplest ways every day. (Tweet This) It is simple to us; however, God does something great with it and lives are changed. 

 Your voice is important; I would love to hear from you.

 What simple ways are you able to live out ministry everyday?

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