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Faith to Fight for Your Dreams

October 8, 2012 0 Comments

Caleb and Joshua were the only two out of 12 spies who had the faith that God would give them the promise land even though it was already occupied by a strong and powerful people. Because of this faith and his willingness to act on it, God promised Caleb that he would have an inheritance in the promise land. It was a promise that Caleb would have to wait 45 years to receive. It was a promise he would willingly fight for.


Modern day Hebron by Jonas Hansel – Creative Commons

 (Reference Joshua 14:6-15)

 Caleb had spent forty years wondering around the wilderness watching his friends who lacked faith die in the desert. For the past five years he was involved in battle after battle as they took possession of the Promise Land. God went before them in battle, but make no mistake, each one was a bloody violent affair.  

 At the age of 85 Caleb comes to Joshua asking for his inheritance. One would expect Caleb to ask for one of the cities that had already been conquered, but not Caleb. He asked for Hebron which was still occupied by the Anakites  (These were the giants he saw 45 years ago when he first spied out the land. The giants that the other spies said made them look like grasshoppers). Caleb asked for an inheritance he would have to fight for. Caleb was ready to go to battle for the promise of God. He still knew that God would be with him and help him with the task. 

 Caleb’s faith:

 1.     At 85 Caleb was still as strong as he was at 40. God had granted him a long life to live out his purpose

2.      His faith was consistent. He had faith at 40 that God would give them the Promised Land, and he had the same faith at 85. Caleb did not waver.

3.     Caleb was willing to take a risk and take on a hard and difficult task.  He did not look for the easy path. He asked for a land that would lead to a battle with a stronger force.  Caleb knew his God was greater and stronger. 

4.      Caleb knew his time was short, so he was asking for a land that would be more for his future family than for himself. 

5.     God was faithful to honor the promise He made to Caleb. Our God is faithful.

 The key to Caleb’s life was his faith. Not just a little faith, but a faith to drive out giants. It was more than talk; he was willing to step out an act on it. It would be an action that would put his life in harm’s way. Caleb was willing to battle for the dreams given to him by God. Risk is required to act on faith. 

 I pray that my faith will grow to the place where I ask God for the hard tasks. If it is easy and not risky, faith is not required. 

 Now it is your turn

 When have you stepped out on faith and willingly taken on risk? What was the result? What promise has God given you that you are willing to battle for?

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