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Be More than a Dreamer

March 14, 2016 3 Comments

I may be 51 but I am a really big kid. For the past two years we have gone to Disney World for our family vacation (our third time since 2012). And who knows, we may go again this year. I love every single magical moment. Also, I am intrigued by how they make it all happen. How is it that every employee really does look like they are having fun? No matter who you ask they know how to get to every ride and the best time for each one. I actually wrote a post about this after our 2012 trip – Culture by Disney.

Movie Maker

The team of the employees that design and create all the rides and shows are called, “Imagineers” I recently read the book The Imagineering Workout to try and stir up my creative side. I love this quote:

“Anyone can dream. But imagineers dream and do…. Amazing things happen around Imagineering every day because we don’t sit around and simply ponder the possibilities (or impossibilities). We roll up our sleeves and get to work!” – Keven Rafferty

It is great to be a dreamer. Just do a google search and you will probably find a thousand articles on why we need to be dreamers. However, the big problem is that for most people, including me, the dream stays a dream. They never become a reality.

A dream is just a starting point. It is the birth of something wonderful.

What good is a dream that never becomes a reality?

Be More Than A Dreamer – be a doer

  • Create a plan – put it down of paper. Don’t make any excuses or judge its feasibility just write it down
  • Seek out wise counsel but ignore the doubters and the haters
  • Talk it up; tell your story
  • Don’t try to force a connection between your dream and your career. As a pastor I get to live out my primary dream. I eat, sleep and breathe my calling as a pastor but for now it does not pay the bills. So I work a job outside the church. That job funds my dream.
  • Do something – take that next one step – no matter how small or how big just take the step.

I am a pastor but I do have a few other dreams. I would love to be a great photographer so I try and take pictures every week. It may be just a few shots on my lunch break or it may be a short day trip. I also would like to do some public speaking outside the church. So this week I will be re-joining Toastmasters.

Tell me about your dream and tell me what you are doing about it. Are you more than just a dreamer?

Photo is m own from Walt Disney World, Hollywood Studios

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I am enthusiastic about helping others discover their purpose and grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus. It is great to see their eyes light up at their “Ah Ha!” moment when they discover they were created for something more. My hope is that this blog will help encourage and inspire you along your way. Join the conversation and take the time to share with me your own story. I have been married to my beautiful wife Janice for over 30 years. We currently live in McDonough Georgia with our daughter. Our two boys have left the nest and we have two wonderful grand kids. Of course we cannot forget about our dog Bear.