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How to Work Each Day with Purpose

September 1, 2014 4 Comments

I am once again putting my fingers to the keyboard. I am glad to be back in the routine of blogging each week. Of course I hope these posts will be helpful to you. I plan to have a new post live each Monday and I will occasionally post on Thursdays with a book review or a special guest post. If you are a blogger and would like to write a guest post, check out my guest post criteria.

Work with Purpose

 Let’s get this thing started

 Today is the Labor Day holiday in the U.S. It is that final long weekend before the close of summer to get in one more trip to the lake or beach. For me though, I will be chillin at the house. I will take some time to sleep, read, eat, write and repeat.

 We should all live a life that pursues our God given dreams and purpose. Sometimes those dreams are off in the future and sometimes you need to work to fund your dream. We can be so passionate about our dreams it creates a depression with where we are currently in life. My advice is to keep going hard after your dreams for the future but for today work with purpose. Whatever your hand finds to do today, give it purpose.

 “The Lord God took the man and placed him in the garden of Eden to work it and watch over it.” – Genesis 2:15 

 Work with Purpose

Working to provide for yourself and family is a worthy purpose. I am called to be a pastor and I am blessed to shepherd a wonderful community; however, it does not pay the bills. So Monday through Friday I drive to downtown Atlanta for work that does.

You may work a job that you did not choose, or one that is a bore. It may only pay enough to barely get by. No matter how you feel about your current work, make a choice to give it purpose each and every day.

  • Be grateful for today and give God the glory for it. Remove the word “someday” form your vocabulary. Moments in life are fleeting; embrace each one and live it to the fullest. Squeeze each day for all it is worth.
  • See beyond your title – You have more to offer each day than just meeting the requirements of your job title. (Tweet This)

“When we take the perspective of living out our potential – not just our capacity – it’s easier to welcome tomorrow with warm hearts, open arms and eager minds. That’s when our lives go from just living out every day to actively seeking out our potential to succeed.” – Dan Cathy

  • Your attitude is your choice. Put a smile on your face and choose to have a great attitude. (Tweet This)
  • Purpose to encourage anyone you meet each day.
  • Go above and beyond in your work – Make your boss live in fear he or she might lose you. Be a hero for your co-workers and make them look good.
  • If you don’t work full time in your purpose, choose one thing you can do each day to move you towards that direction. We work with purpose today with an eye on the future.

“Real work is what moves us forward. Work that involves action, struggle, and effort. It’s that output that puts us closer to winning. If the mission could speak, it would constantly tell us, ‘get back to work.’” – Al Pitampalli

 If you are not there already, keep chasing your dream. Hopefully the day will come when your dream can become your work. Until then, make the work you have your purpose. Just that little change in perspective can change your attitude and even your life. Work is good so make it great.

 In the comments below tell me how you work each day with purpose.

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