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Samson – A Call to Live a Life Set Apart

July 8, 2013 4 Comments

As followers of Jesus we are called to be set apart from the world, a concept that seems to have lost its true meaning in our modern society. However, it is woven throughout the Bible. You have Adam and Eve set apart in the Garden. Noah and his family set apart in the Ark. Then there is Abraham who is called out to create a set apart nation. Jesus set apart twelve to be his disciples. The list goes on. 


Samson and Delilah by José Echenagusía

Samson and Delilah by José Echenagusía

Samson is a great example of the call to be set apart and the result of failing to live it out. 

 You can read the full story of Samson in Judges Chapters 13 – 16

  • Samson was set apart by God before he was even conceived. Judges 13:2-5
  •  Samson desired a life of compromise. Twice Samson chose a wife (Once lead by God to do so) that was not a Hebrew. – Someone of a different faith. Samson was set apart but he was still drawn by the attraction of the world. This attraction always got him in trouble. 
  •  Samson failed to learn from his past mistakes. He stayed with his 2nd wife Delilah even though she repeatedly tried to have him captured.  It was as if he still wanted the pleasure of the world, to be close with it. Samson toyed with sin. Judges 16:5-14
  •  Samson allowed the world to speak into his life. He finally gave in to Delilah’s nagging. – Too often if we live out lives of compromise, it becomes too easy to walk away from God. (Tweet This) Judges 16:16-17
  •  Samson’s sin did not change the fact that God loved him. It also did not affect his calling, but it did affect his ability to live it out. Even though Samson sinned, God still cared for him and answered his prayer. In the end Samson was redeemed and destroyed more Philistines in his death than in his life. Judges 16:23-30 


Jesus was clear when he called us to completely die to ourselves. It is only when we die to ourselves that we truly find all that God has set us apart for. (Tweet This) Compromise with the world will only lead us to destruction. (Tweet This)

 We are called to love and show grace to others, but if we have truly accepted Jesus, then our life should be a stark contrast to those who have not.  (Tweet This)


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 Do you feel that God has called to live a life that is set apart? What has been your biggest struggle with making this a reality?

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