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So do You Chase Tiny Bubbles?

July 30, 2012 0 Comments

A couple of months ago I was helping my wife take care of toddlers at church.  At one point, Janice and I pulled out the bubble soap and started blowing bubbles.  You would have thought we had found the source of all joy and happiness.


Photo Courtesy Cathy C – Creative Commons

 The little kids began to squeal and laugh as they chased the tiny bubbles around the room. It was as if the world had come to a complete stop. No longer were they missing mom. No longer did they want more snack. The greatest thing was this moment, right now. Oh how we have forgotten to find joy in little things. 

 Grumpy old men and women

As we grow old we often grow grumpy. (I know I have) No longer do we find joy in the little things. In fact, we are more likely to be bothered by the little things. We pack so much into our lives between work, family and maybe some “me” time that we are often just one more candle from perpetual burn out.  (Tweet This)

 So what is important?

 What is really important in life? Sometimes we just need to slow down and enjoy the little moments. 

  •  Is it really worth getting mad at the waitress that got your order wrong?
  • Is it worth getting our blood pressure up there by shortening our lives over the guy that cut us off?

When we can learn to live a life of grace and forgiveness we find peace and real joy.  (Tweet This)

 Find your tiny bubbles

 What are those little things that bring you peace? I am not talking about things like big vacations. Those are good but what can you do today?

  •  Chase down a sunset or sunrise
  • Spend time with a family member or friend over coffee or dessert.
  • Get away to a park and just sit. Do not read, do not write, just sit. 
  • Have a weekend with nothing planned – no chores, no agenda
  • Learn to forgive
  • We need to choose our battles wisely. Some offenses we just need to let go. 

Look for your tiny bubbles and chase them down. Chase those times when you can close out the world and enjoy what really matters each and every day. 

 Now it is your turn.

 I would love to hear from you. What are your tiny bubbles? When was the last time you enjoyed them?

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