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A Resolute Life

October 3, 2011 4 Comments

As a leader of a team or a leader of self the day will come (and probably more than one) when it seems like we just are not making progress. Or it is that day when a crisis has risen to derail everything we have invested our lives. in. It is on that day a leader must be resolute in the their decisions to get things moving again. Today is not the day to be indecisive, but we must be resolute and move forward.

Courtesy National Archives via George W. Bush Presidential Library

Merriam Webster defines resolute as, “Marked by a firm determination: resolved, bold, steady.”

U.S. Presidents (whether we agree with them or not) are great examples of resolute leaders. Just think of Abraham Lincoln who abolished slavery while trying to hold our nation together through a bloody Civil War. What about President Truman who made the call to drop the atomic bomb not once, but twice on Japan to end WWII? Then there is President Obama who gave the order to send in Seal Team VI to get Bin Laden. He knew the risk of Bin Laden not being there. He also knew the risk of the loss of life of the Seal team members and innocent civilians. Yet he was bold to make the tough call.

It is applicable that most of our recent Presidents have made resolute decisions while sitting at the “Resolute Desk.” The desk was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Hayes in 1880. It was constructed from the timbers of the British Arctic Exploration ship the, “H.M.S. Resolute.” (Sorry my amateur historian in me slipped out.) The picture above is of the hands of President George W. Bush on the “Resolute Desk.”

A resolute leader is willing to take great risks to achieve great reward. They often have to stand alone in their actions, with the deep resolve that they made the right decision. Lack of resolve can lead to indecisiveness and missed opportunities. Failure to have resolve can cause failure to reach a goal, or worse, being completely overwhelmed by crisis.

We may never have to make the world impacting decisions of a U.S. President, but to be successful we will have to be resolute in our own sphere of influence.

Whether you are “stuck” in life, or facing a major impacting crisis, here are a few thoughts to help you find that resolve to make the hard decisions.

  • Have clear defined core values and principles. Write them down. These values and principles are those that you will never consider compromising. They will become a life compass. Whenever you have to make a major decision you make sure that choice lines up with your values and principles. A great resource to help you articulate your principles is Michael Hyatt’s free e-book on creating a Life Plan.
  • Have clear defined and measurable goals.Have yo written them down? Do you track your progress? Again Hyatt’s Life Plan book is a great resource
  • Have a clear understanding that to move forward in life we have to be resolute. We have to act. Yes you might fail, but if you do not act, failure is guaranteed.

Sometimes we grow lazy in our persistence, or life throws a punch at us that knocks us flat. Stay true to your principles; stay focused on your goals, and be willing to take a risk. You will find that resolve you need to move forward. I know there are times when we need to be flexible, but only when we are willing to be resolute in our major decisions will we find success. Yes the limb we walk out on my break and we may slip and fall; pick yourself up, renew your resolve, and go again. No matter if you are a leader of thousands or a leader of just yourself, be resolute in life.

Now it is your turn. What are your thoughts?

  1. What is an example when you had to be resolute in your decision?
  2. Who are other leaders who were resolute?
  3. What inspires you be resolute in life?

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