Please Stand By

Please Stand By

Yes my blog has been real quiet around here. The quiet has been intentional. Late last year I completed a 40 day fast. During that fast I felt that Jesus was asking me to lay the blog down for a while. I noticed that I had been putting too much importance into the whole blogging thing.  No I don’t have a massive following. (Not even sure if it would qualify as … Continue reading

Jesus on Every Page: A Book Review

Jesus on Every Page

As part of my Masters program I recently read Jesus on Every Page: 10 Simple Ways to Seek and Find Christ in the Old Testament by David Murray Murray brings his wealth as both a Pastor and Seminary professor to an important topic that is well written and easy to understand.  So many people (myself included) often fail to see that Jesus played a large and active part of the Old Testament. … Continue reading

I Ran a Red Light, and God Showed Up

Traffic light

A week ago Janice and I were in North Carolina for a Leadership Conference with the South East District of Foursquare churches. On Friday night Janice would be receiving her ordination. We left our hotel in time to arrive at our meeting place for a reception for those being ordained. I approached an intersection and remembered that I would make a right turn then a pretty quick left turn. After I turned … Continue reading

How to Not Live Like Skim Milk


“We talk cream, but we live skim milk.” – Dwight Moody   Several years ago my wife Janice and I were delivering some food and praying with the residents of a low income housing complex. One of the lady’s we regularly visited would squeal like a little girl when we showed up with fresh fruit, something she rarely could afford. She would always sit outside because she could not afford to run … Continue reading

Making Ministry Simple Every Day


Ministry every day really is not difficult. At least it should not be.   We have a lady that has been faithfully attending life church for over a year now. It is amazing to see how her relationship with Jesus has grown. For many months she had been out of work and each week we would pray that she would find a job. She recently went to work as a cashier at … Continue reading

Organic Worship: a Book Review

Organic Worship

I am sure that if you asked 100 Christians to define worship, there is a good chance you would get 100 different answers. From the very time of creation of man God desired a people to fellowship with. Fellowship with God is best done through our worship of him. However as time has passed we have lost what it means to really worship God. Worship has become and event or a … Continue reading

Plunging In

Plunging In

Peter seems like he would be the most unlikely candidate to be a disciple. Of course that could be the very reason why Jesus picked him.  He was confessing Jesus as the Messiah one minute only to be rebuked by Jesus next when he was told “Satan to get behind me.” His passionate temper would put him at odds at times with the Apostle Paul.  Yet he would be the … Continue reading

Birthing Something New is Always Messy

Birthing is Messy

The hospital room may be spotless and sterile, but birth itself will always take place amid chaos, pain, and blood. —Steven Pressfield I will never forget the birth of my three children. They were wonderful events but to the natural eye they were a messy event.   Chris was my first born. Janice and I were elated when we found out she was pregnant. So would begin the birthing process. Janice … Continue reading