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A Presidential Prayer

January 23, 2017 0 Comments

This past Friday the 45th President of the United States took the oath of office. For 228 years we have set the standard of how to transition from one President to the next. Sure, in our past there have been protests and the bloody struggle of our Civil War; however, we have set the bar high for peaceful transitions.

I love my country. My family came to America in 1654 but my call to follow Jesus calls me to something greater. Jesus said that to show love to all is always the best way to go. Yes my political views lean to the right but those who disagree with me are not my enemies. I have many wonderful friends who faithfully vote Democrat. I make no claims on being perfect. If I ever bring offense, I pray for grace and forgiveness.

I am appalled at the hate we have shown each other over the most recent elections, especially the most recent one. Trump was not my first choice to lead based on my conservative values but for the next four years he will be our president. However, have no doubt, God is still sovereign. God is still in charge.

My Prayer

Heavenly Father, you alone are worthy of all praise and glory. I ask that you engulf President Obama and his family with your grace and peace as they enter this next stage of life. Anoint them with your wisdom and guide their path. Grant them the spirit of wisdom and revelation so they might know you better. Guard and protect them. May they find time for rest and time to just be a family without the incredible weight of leading our Nation. Bless them Father and let that blessing be a sign of your sovereignty and your glory.

I pray Father for President Trump that you also engulf him and his family with your grace and peace. May they also receive your spirit of wisdom and revelation so they will know you better.  Watch over them and keep them safe. Let any plans of harm come to nothing. Anoint President Trump to lead according to your will. May he walk with your wisdom. Give him a heart of compassion for the people and grant him the insight and innovation to truly lead in a way that is a blessing to all. Pour your favor upon him so that our nation might also rest with your favor.

Heal our land Lord God. May we grow to be a people who see beyond our political differences so we might live in peace and attain to be a united people. Let it all be for your glory and honor. In Jesus holy name I pray Amen.

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About the Author:

I am enthusiastic about helping others discover their purpose and grow into a deeper relationship with Jesus. It is great to see their eyes light up at their “Ah Ha!” moment when they discover they were created for something more. My hope is that this blog will help encourage and inspire you along your way. Join the conversation and take the time to share with me your own story. I have been married to my beautiful wife Janice for over 30 years. We currently live in McDonough Georgia with our daughter. Our two boys have left the nest and we have two wonderful grand kids. Of course we cannot forget about our dog Bear.